Theme : Real Time Applications using LabVIEW with Arduino

This workshop is organized by : Nuclear research center : Centre de RechercheNucléaire de Birine“CNRB”, Djelfa, Algeria, realized by the Professor Said TOUATI.
Senior Researcher in Nuclear Research Center of Birine
Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation and Control.



This workshop aims at giving hands-on experience of implementing real-time applications using Arduino with LabVIEW graphical programming. LabVIEW is a most widely used visual/graphical system design platform and development environment for data acquisition, instrument control and industrial automation. Arduino, an open source hardware platform, is an easy to use, simple hardware, beginner’s first choice microcontroller development board. This workshop integrates the above two powerful and industrial used platforms to practice implementing real- time applications. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and experimented users interested to start their work in the embedded. At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to interface Arduino with LabVIEW.

Topics :
• Getting Started with LabVIEW
• Programming techniques in LabVIEW
• Understanding NI Data Acquisition Cards
• Introduction to Arduino Platform
• ADC and Sensor Interfacing
• FPGA tools in LABVIEW
• LabVIEW Interface for Arduino
• Real-time applications (Fault Diagnosis and Control)

The Team Organizer are :
ZAHRA Billel, Assistant Researcher in Nuclear Research Center of Birine , Electronics Instrumentation and Control.
GOUDIAH Noureddine, Engineering in Nuclear Research Center of Birine , Electronics Instrumentation and Control.

Registration :
•The number of the reserved places is limited to 20 participants.
•For more information: Call_For_Workshop
•Those interested (doctoral student, teacher) in this workshop must register, by downloading the registration form and sending it back to the email address entitled Workshop_Registration